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Instant Pizza

4.0 ( 2640 ratings )
Утилиты Еда и напитки
Разработчик Ricardo Ruiz

Hungry for Pizza? With Instant Pizza youll always find an open pizza place near you. Dont let hunger creep up on you like a slow moving train.

When hunger strikes, your mind starts to blur. Dont pause, all you need is 2 seconds to open Instant Pizza and walk towards your nearest pizza place.

The hunger struggle is real! Dont let hunger in the hands of The Empire in your most desperate hour. Instant Pizza is your hope. Solve lunch or dinner right away. Everyone wins, except hunger. Because we all know that hunger is an every day problem to solve.

Instant Pizza is the best weapon for The Hunger Games: An On-Demand Food Battle. Instant Pizza 1, hunger 0.